Friday, October 14, 2016

SCRUG Survey Update - BIM Standards & Protocols


The purpose of our anonymous SCRUG BIM Survey is to determine some characteristics of our current membership and the practices in which they are involved. We have about 300 group members identified in Orange County, and nearly 200 who practice in the Greater Los Angeles area. Your feedback will help shape the purpose and direction of the group going forward.

For example, one surprising statistic is that almost one-half of the respondents so far report that their practice does not have published BIM standards.

One of the goals for most design practices is the achievement of graphic consistency, both within a single project and also between successive projects. Published standards and protocols are useful for orienting new employees, and for assuring that all team members follow best practices.

Furthermore, for those working with external consultants, there is a need to define a level of quality and content that is expected to be achieved, and for this to be legally binding, it must of course be documented.

Standards also serve to define to the client or owner what level of information and quality will be delivered upon project completion. This is especially helpful when there is a limited understanding of the purpose (and value) of Building Information Modeling among stakeholders. An example of such a document is the AEC (UK) BIM Technology Protocol, which has been used as a starting point for many global BIM design concerns.

Please join us on Thursday, October 20th to learn the full results of the survey and to help determine the focus of the SCRUG in 2017! To RSVP go to SC-RUG on MeetUp.

Allen Jay Holland
SCRUG Chairman

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