Thursday, April 4, 2013

The Future of SCRUG

I was surprised last month when the LA-RUG user group announced its 2014 Preview to be held in Orange County. I assumed that The Consortium had withdrawn after the re-launch of SCRUG. Their last meeting in O.C. was October 2012.

Why LARUG | OC Exists is an unedited excerpt from an email that I (and many others) received from Jay Zallan, President of LA-RUG, which outlines the intentions of that group. I decided it would be in the best interest of the membership not to hold two conflicting meetings, and gave our full support to the LA-RUG.

The South Coast Revit Users Group has received commitments from our sponsors, Kelar Pacific, Microdesk, ProGroup, and U.S. CAD, to support and expand this group. However, due to the overlap between the two groups, the SCRUG has agreed with Autodesk Territory Manager Chuck Keeley's proposal to share this sponsorship with LA-RUG. 

We will reduce the number of our meetings, skipping every third month, allowing LA-RUG to benefit from the support of our sponsors. I also invite the LA group to collaborate on
 joint SCRUG/LA-RUG meetings, combining presentations from both L.A. and O.C.

The next two SCRUG meetings are tentatively scheduled for April 25th and May 23rd. Location and topics to be announced. I thank everyone for their continued support of the South Coast Revit Users Group, the first and foremost Revit users' group in Orange County.

~A. Jay Holland

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