Thursday, April 6, 2017

Autodesk Project Quantum: the Future of BIM?


Some may have already seen information about Revit 2018 that has been 'leaked' from the Beta program. Apropos for this era.

There always seems to be some delight mixed with disappointment after these announcements. The Autodesk embargo will be lifted before our meeting takes place. I find it best to have no expectations.

There are huge challenges ahead for AEC practitioners who wish to collaborate in real time, and to solve the inefficiencies of the building process that we have been discussing for more than two decades.

In an exclusive interview, Martyn Day speaks to Autodesk chief software architect Jim Awe about the company’s vision of the next generation of BIM tools.

You are invited to SCRUG's preview of Revit 2018 on Thursday, April 20th, presented by Autodesk Senior AEC Technical Specialist Scott Davis.

To RSVP go to

~Allen Jay Holland

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