Sunday, January 15, 2017

February SCRUG Meeting


The South Coast Revit Users Group will reconvene on Thursday, February 2nd, featuring a presentation by BIM pioneer Clive Jordan, Founder and CEO of LOD Planner.

In 2004 Vico Software (then a division of Graphisoft) began work on a Model Progression Specification (MPS). Webcor Builders teamed with Vico to further develop the concept, and then brought it to the technology subcommittee of the AIA California Council’s Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) Task Force. The AIA National Documents Committee adopted the approach, provided further development, and incorporated it into E202, published in 2008. (See The Paths to BIM Nirvana)

The core of the MPS is the LOD definitions – descriptions of the steps through which a BIM element can logically progress from the lowest level of conceptual approximation to the highest level of representational precision. As explained by favorite BIM blogger Antony McPhee, “LOD, as in "Level of Development", is a measure of how seriously you take the information represented by a BIM element. It is not necessarily a measure of the amount of information.”

The significance of LOD to SCRUG members may follow market sector involvement and other local conventions, including the surprising lack of emphasis on formal BIM planning, as revealed in last fall’s (admittedly small sampling) survey of the group’s BIM maturity.

“LOD Planner is a cloud-based web application dedicated to easily planning the required geometry, accuracy and information for BIM projects. LOD Planner combines this approach with traditional classification structures, rich BIM images and a Lean project delivery approach.”

Previously, Clive served as BIM and Process Integration Leader at The Irvine Company and was with Vico Software (now part of Trimble) during the time when the groundwork for intelligent BIM was being laid.

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~Allen Jay Holland

Download a copy of the 2016 LOD Specification

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