Monday, July 31, 2017

Welcome to SCRUG Collaborator Sam Keville


Please join me in welcoming Sam Keville as co-organizer of the South Coast Revit Users Group. Originally from Massachusetts, he has been a Californian for ten years, and holds a Bachelor's Degree from Sci-Arc in Los Angeles.

His early career focus in work has been as a designer, 3D modeler, team leader, and visualizer, experienced in competition-style deadlines and producing large amounts of iterative design assets in a limited time.

His goal is to connect architecture and technology while using the most cutting-edge modes of representation in meaningful and progressive design processes.

His practical skills include computational design, 3D modeling, content creation, rendering, and digital fabrication. Sam is currently working on campus style projects at AO, using Revit to improve communication and coordination between design and production teams.

Sam promises to utilize his BIM expertise as well as his irreverent attitude to assist the revitalization of the group.

Allen Jay Holland

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