Monday, July 31, 2017

Welcome to SCRUG Collaborator Sam Keville


Please join me in welcoming Sam Keville as co-organizer of the South Coast Revit Users Group. Originally from Massachusetts, he has been a Californian for ten years, and holds a Bachelor's Degree from Sci-Arc in Los Angeles.

His early career focus in work has been as a designer, 3D modeler, team leader, and visualizer, experienced in competition-style deadlines and producing large amounts of iterative design assets in a limited time.

His goal is to connect architecture and technology while using the most cutting-edge modes of representation in meaningful and progressive design processes.

His practical skills include computational design, 3D modeling, content creation, rendering, and digital fabrication. Sam is currently working on campus style projects at AO, using Revit to improve communication and coordination between design and production teams.

Sam promises to utilize his BIM expertise as well as his irreverent attitude to assist the revitalization of the group.

Allen Jay Holland

Friday, July 28, 2017

August SCRUG Meeting - dRofus


Everyone knows that BIM is all about information. We have also learned that populating a Building Information Model with that information does not happen automatically. The ideal that has been envisioned by BIM developers and academics is that the model can eventually evolve into a tool that can be used to manage its real-world counterpart, and even that they remain connected in some way.

It's difficult to learn (and then to advocate) that the process of populating the model is not additional work. This change from "the way we are doing it now" is very disruptive. People must learn new skills. Is it that or be replaced?

Room Data Sheets are summary views containing both graphics and data for specific rooms or room types and may be required by some clients. Among their uses is to facilitate program validation. Does the design satisfy the program?

Architectural Programming is an aspect of design in which few people now can participate. It is "the research and decision-making process that identifies the scope of work to be designed." An architectural program is a list (schedule) of the owner's requirements, developed independently or in collaboration with the design team. Unfortunately, most team members join the process after the design is already "frozen". And sometimes the decisions that contribute to a building's evolution may get lost or overlooked. 

This should not be so. This is, after all, one of the Big Ideas of BIM. All the information in one place. Throughout the building life-cycle.

These are some of the aspects of design addressed by dRofus.
"dRofus is a unique planning, data management and BIM collaboration tool. dRofus provides all stakeholders with comprehensive workflow support and access to building information throughout the building lifecycle."
Technical manager Brok Howard will present an overview of the platform and a deeper look into its interaction with Revit.

Join us Thursday, August 17th at six o'clock p.m. (Location TBA) for this interesting event.

Allen Jay Holland

Thursday, July 20, 2017

July SCRUG Happy Hours

When commuting via Metrolink to Orange County, the Streamliner Lounge in Orange became a favorite stop-over (when trains were delayed). Located 3 blocks west of Orange Plaza at the Orange Metrolink Train Station, it shares the renovated historic Santa Fe Depot with Ruby's Diner.
In the early days of rail transport in the United States, railroads tended to be built out of coastal cities into the hinterland, and systems did not connect. Each builder was free to choose its own gauge. When American railroads' track extended to the point that they began to interconnect, it became clear that a single nationwide gauge would be a good idea.
The US has a National BIM Standard, developed under the auspices of the National Institute for Building Sciences, and sponsored by the Building SMART Alliance. Large owner/operators may have their own BIM standards (i.e. Kaiser Health, University of California). Other markets such as housing are less demanding when it comes to ‘process’. Speculative development values ‘product’ more.
AECO business development overseas does include a broad interest in the development of standards for BIM, driven largely by the 2016 UK BIM Mandate. I returned to the U.S. with a heightened awareness of BIM standards and procedures, and a great deal of related resource material.
The AEC (UK) BIM Standard was released in November 2009, and the supplementary UK Revit Protocol in 2012. I will be sharing copies of the document, which I have updated to align with recent software enhancements and adapted to U.S. terminology.
I'll be at the Streamliner this Thursday beginning at 5 o’clock. I invite all my SCRUG colleagues to stop by for fellowship and networking (BYO).
  • Happy Hour ends at 6 p.m.
  • Southbound trains depart at 7:47 and 10:23.
  • Northbound trains depart at 6:22 and 9:17.
I also have some interesting professional news to share that relates to the ideas above.
A. Jay Holland