Thursday, March 30, 2017

SECRET April SCRUG Meeting


The South Coast Revit Users Group is pleased to welcome Autodesk Senior AEC Technical Specialist Scott Davis to our next meeting, scheduled for April 20th. The topic of the April meeting is no secret. Scott will formally present new features to be found in Revit 2018.

Scott is one of the ‘Original Gurus’ of the Southern California Revit community. He recently celebrated his 10th anniversary with Autodesk after serving eight years as Technical Coordinator at WLC Architects. To make things interesting Scott will be flying in from Oregon just hours before the meeting.

This meeting is always a highlight of the year. Join your friends and colleagues at LPA, Inc. on Thursday, April 20th at six o’clock p.m. To RSVP go to 

~Allen Jay Holland

Thanks to our sponsors Kelar-Pacific, Microdesk, and US CAD, and host LPA.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Pilots Wanted

Linking between Building Information Models and Project Specifications is an aspiration of many design organizations. It is the missing link between Design BIM and FM&O BIM.
Designers use BIM for design, validation, visualization, analysis, and quality assurance. Many take a cautious approach to Information, supplying only the minimum. 
However, owners are increasingly demanding that data for facility management shall be derived from BIM and be useful for Operations and Maintenance. Even a ‘Smart Home’ gets smarter if the information needed to manage all its IoT devices is managed in a virtual model.
As with many aspects of the design professions, specification writing has become a role in itself. While larger firms can afford dedicated staff, smaller firms may outsource the work to a consultant. Those professionals should be keenly interested in a cloud-based solution that provides remote access to models in a web browser.
A SCRUG member since 2010, Seamus McGrady served as VP of Sales and Marketing at InterSpec, (developers of e-SPECS) for almost 10 years. In 2014 he and a partner launched ChalkLine, Inc., developers of VisiSpecs.
VisiSpecs is comprised of three applications: 

  • VisiWord integrates Microsoft Word with enhanced document management features.
  • VisiRevit is the Add-in which enables automation, integration, coordination, collaboration, and editing for those users in Revit.
  • VisiView provides non-Revit users the same functionality to view the model, elements, and data.

Pilot Program:
For upcoming meetings in Orange County and Los Angeles, Seamus has asked me to recruit two members who will receive a free license to pilot VisiSpecs on a real model and document project. These users will share their first-hand experience at the meetings, tentatively occurring in April.
Members interested may contact me via email or through LinkedIn.
For additional information, visit the ChalkLine website