Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Meeting Report - February

Clive Jordan and LOD Planner

Thanks to all who attended the February meeting. More than fifty members were present! Dozens more viewed the invite but couldn’t decide. If you’re one of those, here’s what you missed:
Clive Jordan introduced LOD Planner, a web-based tool for collaborative creation of an LOD plan, the basis for establishing the level of trust associates with BIM objects and data.
An excellent synopsis of the meeting has been published by Christopher Ganiere on his Architect-Life blog:
LOD planner is a question based tool to help one create the LOD document to add to design & construction contracts. Why should one adhere to a rigid set of deliverables or an arbitrary schedule. One may customize what is needed by when the next chunk of design information is needed to meet the next deadline. One can prioritize based on the goals of the owner, contractor and/or design team.
  • Why have super detailed geometry when no renderings are required?
  • Why load up the model with data that will never be accessed?
  • Why have accuracy to 1/16" when accuracy to 1'-0" is all that is necessary?
In short, do what is necessary & pay what is needed to get the desired results.
As an added attraction, SCRUG founder Jim Balding previewed BIMsmith Forge, and received feedback from members to be used in its further development.
BIMSmith Forge is a web based interface to simplify the process of building system familes.
  • drag and drop for placement of wall layers or ceiling layers. They have
  • drop down menus for when choices are limited.
  • products offered by a manufacturer are listed as model options.
Once you are done designing the wall or pick one of the prefab walls in the "drawer", the website gathers all the information available for the components making up the new wall, packages it into a zip file for integration into projects or templates.
The highlight of the evening came when Jim noticed the resemblance between BIMsmith's "Earl" and SCRUG's Don Sutherland.

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