Friday, May 24, 2013

May Meeting Summary

Thanks to all who attended the May SCRUG meeting.

Aiden Bearden, Lauren Kruzel, Taylor Jaskot and Blair Allen - students from Bill Brown's program at Santiago High School - shared their Revit project work. These "kids" still have one more year of high school, and they know Revit well!

Autodesk Software Infrastructure consultant John Rodriguez demonstrated the capability and versatility of InfraWorks, an infrastructure design and presentation tool.

Derrick Renn presented Express Tools for Autodesk Revit: BIM Manager Suite and BIM Project Suite - Revit add-ons that are intended to boost productivity by automating routine tasks. Both packages contain free tools.

Jim Balding and Steve Stafford shared news about the recent Revit Technology Conference in Auckland and upcoming RTC in Vancouver.

Our next meeting is Thursday, June 27th: 
SCRUG's BIM-4-Homebuilders conference. Please register.


Thanks to our LPA 'hostess' Ann Laughlin.

Thanks to our generous sponsors:

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Monday, May 13, 2013


Building Information Modeling has gained acceptance in market sectors other than home building. BIM has become a requirement for large and complex projects, but even with the current upturn in the housing market, many builders - and the designers who serve them - are hesitant to get involved.

At the SCRUG BIM Housing Forum, a panel of the leading residential architects and builders in Orange County will discuss their outlook with regard to Building Information Modeling.  The purpose of the conference is to promote the awareness, adoption and use of BIM and other advanced technologies within the housing industry in Southern California.

The BIM-4-Homebuilders Conference will define and clarify:

  • What is happening in the residential BIM world? What is possible?
  • What does "collaboration" really mean? 
  • How can we reduce cost and/or increase profit.
  • How does BIM support Lean, Green, and Sustainable architecture?
  • What is the "MacLeamy Curve" and why is it important?
  • How and where do we get started with BIM?

The conference will open with an informal mixer/meet & greet followed by the forum discussions. Questions from the audience will follow each topic. The event will be held at the Marconi Automotive Museum, a unique local venue which supports charities for children in Orange County and beyond.

Please join us on June 27th for this fun, exciting and important event!

May SCRUG Meeting

The next SCRUG meeting will be held on Thursday, May 23rd.


Student Revit Work

Those who are new to the group may not be familiar with visionary high school teacher Bill Brown and his devotion to BIM education at the high school and community college level. I have invited his students from Santiago High School to present their work and accomplishments to the group.

Technical Presentations

I've asked for assistance from our sponsors to present some facets of the BIM process which may not be well-known to many users.

John Rodriguez will present Autodesk InfraWorks, an infrastructure modeling and presentation software package. Infraworks allows users to "quickly and easily create civil infrastructure design models.

Some users may not be familiar with all of the add-ons available for Revit. Many of them are free, and they are as easy to install and use as adding an 'app' to your smart phone. Derek Renn will show a collection of Revit enhancements that are intended to enhance productivity and speed work flow.

Thanks to our sponsors for their generous support.