Thursday, January 31, 2013

SCRUG Presenters


The re-launch of the SCRUG will only succeed if we have participation by our members. I've heard that the biggest gripe about meetings in the past was “too many vendor presentations”. That means we need our members to step up and be willing to share their own experiences with Revit and BIM. This means you.

I am reaching out to all who signed up for last month’s meeting to make this small commitment to the success of the group. This includes Revit users at Taylor, MVE, LPA, TCA, BLA, Langdon Wilson, GKK, IDAE, AO, AECOM, WHA, DLR, PSA, DLR, Hidey, Danielian, MulvannyG2, Gensler,  and many others. That is a pretty impressive list. And for free-lancers and those between gigs, this is a great way for you to showcase your skills.

Although I have not yet lined up a presenter for the next meeting, I am simply asking all those who are willing to participate in the future to contact me for further discussion.

Thanks in advance.

A. Jay Holland

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